Tree Study

Exhibition at UM Festival

08.09 - 10.09.2023

Tree Study

For UM Festival 2023, centered in the theme ‘Quantum Entanglement,’ Mö (Y-ul Suh and Kristina Malmefjäll) conceived the artwork Tree Study as a conversational piece with Andreas Greiner's tree planting sculpture, Niel’s Apple.

Mö crafted a participatory experience for the audience, aiming to capture the essence of encountering a tree. The work is inspired by a Korean poem: Kim Chun-soo’s Flower, which delves into the longing to be acknowledged by another being, and creating a bond through calling its name.

A wooden school desk and chair are thoughtfully positioned in front of the tree, inviting the audience to sit, gaze, and explore. Much like the sentiments expressed in the poem, Mö intends for the tree to imprint on the audience's minds, sparking the genesis of an initial encounter that blossoms into a relationship, a narrative, and a cherished memory.

A booklet containing the poem and a manual is placed on the desk; it serves as a guide for the audience to delve into the study of the tree. The manual outlines diverse ways of studying using different senses and imagination. Upon completing the study, a captivating activity awaits: naming the tree and engraving it into the school desk - thus, what was merely a study of a tree becomes a shared moment of meaningful connection.