Chronicles of Disappearance

Exhibition in Mönchehaus Museum Goslar


The exhibition was conceived on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the city of Goslar and coincides with the inauguration of the forest section designed by Andreas Greiner in collaboration with the Goslar association waldfuermorgen e.V.. Prior to the event, the participating artists held workshops with children and young people on the topic of the forest. Their works were also exhibited.
The exhibition was curated by Andreas Greiner and Oksana Shestaka in 2022.

Chronicles of Disappearance
Mönchehaus Museum Goslar, vom 31.07. bis 18.09.2022

Participating artists: Julius von Bismarck, Aliou Diack, Martin Gremse, Fabian Knecht, Daria Koltsova, Jeewi Lee, Antje Majewski, and Ulrike Mohr

The exhibition Chronicles of Disappearance follows the traces of disappearing landscapes. Ecosystems like the forest, with their remarkable capacity for growth and life, are currently showing their fragile side and reveal how vulnerable they are to external influences. Charged with emotions, stories and memories, they are nevertheless at the mercy of the consequences of anthropogenic activity. The works of the eight artists deal with signs of being, passing and new beginnings.

The works of the artists Aliou Diack, Fabian Knecht and Daria Koltsova were designed and produced especially for the exhibition. In addition, workshops were held with Goslar schoolchildren and young people on the theme of the forest. The resulting works are also on display.

The exhibition was conceived on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the city of Goslar. It is connected to the activities of the Goslar-based association waldfuermorgen e.V., for which Andreas Greiner developed a spiral pattern as a template for a newly designed section of forest on the outskirts of Goslar. Since 2020, waldfuermorgen e.V. has been committed to environmental education for children and young people and, in collaboration with local schools, families and children, has planted this part of the forest in Goslar's urban forest, designed as a living sculpture.